Mars transit in aquarius vedic astrology

Transit of Planets

During the start of , income-related prospects look good. If working in partnerships, profits due to your partner seem to improve now. Your aggression might rise during April and you should avoid clashes with anyone. The month of December looks good for marriage-related matters as well as work in partnerships. Mars Transit for Gemini: Mars transit brings indications of rise in power and position in your career, Gemini, as starts. Income would rise around February and you may apply for a loan in this period.

Favorable short trips are on the cards around August and September You may benefit from your younger siblings in this period. November and December seem bright for students. Spend wisely around July and August, as your expenses are likely to rise.

February 12222 Planet Transits

Destiny would favor you, as favorable long journeys are possible as the year starts. Your savings, as well as income, seem to improve around August Be careful towards the hearth of your parents around the end of The months of July and August seem sluggish for your career and children related matters. Mars Transit for Leo: Mars transit for Leo shows a rise in confidence and courage near August. The year would start with possible sudden gains, followed by rise in spirituality.

You should avoid traveling during this time, Leo. Matters related to 2nd marriage are favored during March Expenses seem to rise around July , though competition would significantly reduce now. Luxuries and profits from property would rise near the end of Mars Transit for Virgo: Virgo, Mars transit might affect your marriage life with the start of Expenses seem to rise around August along with chances of traveling abroad. Take care of your health around October , as your anger and stress might rise.

Near the end of , income as well as savings seems lower than expected.

Moon Calendars

Know about what happened when Mars enter in Aquarius. Read Mars in Aquarius positive and negative effect in your sign life, Mars in Kumbha Rashi. Read the influence of transit of Mars in Aquarius moon sign on November 06, As per Vedic Astrology, Planet Mars is responsible for courage, strength, .

Mars demands action and Saturn in difficult angle to Sun and also Mars will create confrontations and disagreements. Please Libra understand, this is a difficult month for every person of every sign and we read forecasts in advance to have a better control over situations that are ticking like a bomb and can explode any time.

If, you are going through tough family or work situation, it would do you good to keep your mind clear, maybe meet your friends and family, and travel, if this helps. Although, planetary tide is difficult but you have your own planet in your own sign, you are protected. At work, there will be competition from co-workers and your business partner if you have! It would do you good, if possible, not to disclose your plans and ideas to the world. Dates 10th through 17thare good for scheduling important meetings and signing of important agreements or contracts.

Libra, I have saved the best news for the last; 5 months starting from 28th of October are most favourable months for you. Your ruling planet, Mars, will hold meeting with Sun, Mercury and Venus, on your behalf to bring improvements in your life. The main focus will be career advancement. From 31st August through 9th March , you can diversify your work, apply for new job positions, and collaborate with new clients or companies. Yes, Scorpio, mental dilemma or confusion will also be strong but the planets in month of September and also October have planned few surprises for you.

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You may have a chance meeting with an important person or someone important like your boss or some prestigious organization can lend you support. If, you are due for promotion, it is time you ask your boss. Showcase your work, hire people to promote you.

Aquarius Horoscope 12222 – Planetary Transit:

Doing nothing, nothing happens. Not only your work, but your name and reputation will also be important for you. Only dates to avoid arend and 14th, these are tough planetary dates for all. Sun, your ruler is marching forward in money sector of your solar chart and you also have Mars, the yogakarka planet as per Vedic astrology , the planet fulfilling your plans in same money sector.

Mars In Aquarius (Traits and Characteristics) - Vedic Astrology

Universe is giving you this powerful energy, from 1st through 29thof October, to put your financial ideas into action. Whatever you will initiate now will give you amazing money benefits in coming six months. If, past few months were financially struggling for you, the period, from October through April , is money giving period provided, you act now. Mars, the planet of action, is restless and is not in mood to wait but Saturn in the sky is creating problems for you. You are probably doing some project where unforeseen problems and disagreements with an important person are causing you stress and tensions.

Alternatively, you have a client, who is being difficult in paying money back the money that he owes you. Avoid open clash and discussions on sensitive topics. What an important month October is going to be for you. Sun and Mars, the two fiery planets, are holding the doors open for you.

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You might have to take tough decisions in coming months. You have entered a crucial phase of your life and this change will change everything around you and also bring amazing changes in your personality too. Saturn, the planet of delays, will be directly look at your sign, and may bring some troublesome situations. Someone in authority, government or matter related to government may not go as planned. The days close to 7th and then 27th of October plus minus 5 days will be difficult for you.

Mars Transit 12222: Mars In Cancer – Effects On Moon Signs

You need to keep a check on your temper. I always say this, the advantage of reading forecast in advance is to be cautious of what can go wrong. For things that can go in your favor, you can plan them meticulously and carefully going everything in your mind before putting them into action so as to give amazing results. If, you feel uncertain step back and wait for the right moment. Doing meditation, yoga and exercises may help dissolve anxiety and stress.

You may get surprised to read this but, I foresee, many people at your house. It could be that you are getting some white-wash paint, new wall paper, new sofas or changing the interiors of your home. Whatever be the reason, you are now in mood for change and beautifying your home.

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The period for buying or relocating to a new place is from 1st of October through April Planets are working towards it but Saturn, the planet of delays, is playing spoilsport. You may have disagreement or clash of idea with someone in authority or someone important or older in age. Disagreements and tensions may escalate, I always say, the benefit of reading astrological forecasts is to read what is likely to occur and make conscious efforts for improvements.

Saturn Transit 12222 Dates During Its Transit In Sagittarius

Professionally, 10ththrough 17th, are important dates. Mercury, your ruling planet, will move away from the shadow of Saturn from second half of the month. As per Vedic astrology, planet Mars is yogakaraka planet for you, meaning planet is capable of giving prosperity, however Mars closeness with fiery Sun, for past few months, may well be raising your temper.

12222 Reports

The months of February and March seem good for love relations and children, if you have any. If you believe in something, you put the idea forward with the zeal of an evangelist. Buy Gemstones. These predictions for Saturn transit in Sagittarius are general in nature and for accurate predictions, other factors in Horoscope will matter. Mars is going to transit your 3rd house for these two months.

There may be burning anger within you for some reason, may be you express or maybe you are keeping it all bottled up within you. This month there is a possibility of you getting into angry spat or disagreement with someone close in the family. It is possible, your partner or spouse is probably going through tough phase monetarily or emotionally. October will be a very busy month for you. You may travel or someone you love or have fond liking for, may surprise you by visiting you.

The days from 9th through 17th are favorable for you; you may schedule all important works or meetings in this period. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is also in beautiful mathematical angle to your sun sign and Moon, your ruler, in this period. Travel is strong all through this month. Your ruling planet will be surrounded by group of planets this month. Your everyday life will as busy as it can be, so much so that 24 hours a day may seem less.

At work, you will be looking after many projects. If, you are self-employed, you may have new rich clients or new projects. If, you are feeling restless and want to change work, this is the time to make efforts. October is the also month when you can make improvements on your health and wellness. If, you have been suffering from any long-standing illness, get medical check-ups and change doctors, adopt healthy lifestyle and also follow some exercise regime.

Saturn will be a spoilsport. You should be more careful with your competitors and also someone senior at work or home. And finally you need to look at the relationship between Saturn and Pluto at the time you were born. If you were born close to a major phase of Saturn and Pluto, especially the conjunction , , opposition , , waxing square , , or waning square , , then your life is likely tied in some general way to this cycle, especially if you were born with Saturn or Pluto angular, or with the Sun and Moon in hard aspects to Saturn and Pluto.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo. Not only that, but he was born when the Sun was conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Leo, so we know he interacts with this cycle in a more personal way.