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Think of it more like an approach to self-knowledge, a kind of map that might help cultivate an awareness or identification with certain aspects of your personality, and connect the movements of your life with something much larger: namely, the rhythms of the universe.

Personally, I'm here for any new lens that gestures toward personal insight and tools that might help me heal old emotional wounds, change unhealthy patterns, take chances, or even just appreciate a job well done. Again, this is all to be taken as it applies to you. None of it is gospel, but rather, a simple form of guidance. So let this serve simply as a helping hand as we approach a year of hard work, change, and a little growing up. Here's what has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign.

Horoscope 2017 - Aquarius by Susan Miller

You are growing this year, dear Aquarius, but it might be on a small, personal, private scale. While you tend toward being aloof at times and disconnected from others on a deep emotional level, you're coming to a point in where you're ready to change some of that. And again, these changes could be on a really small scale: the shifting of daily habits, your effort to keep in touch more with your siblings, or starting a dream journal that you use in the mornings as a way of getting in touch with your inner life. It's all good, and you should be proud of the steps you're taking toward change, no matter how small.

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Whether you have a friend who sometimes seems like more than a friend, wink, wink , or a parent who is still seriously overbearing, this coming year is all about clarifying your relationships and setting healthy boundaries. Gemini, you might not realize it, but you have a unique ability to allow for emotionally complicated relationships in your life.

The 12222 Horoscope by Susan Miller: Libra

But that can get in your way sometimes, and it can absolutely get a little confusing and murky. Since you tend toward indecision, will very much be about clarifying both your internal and external boundaries, finding out what feels good to you and what simply doesn't, and allowing that to be your guide throughout the year. Clearly communicating what you want is the first step to actually getting it. Whether it's your career, a burgeoning hobby, or work of the spiritual or emotional variety, make space for it, Aries — lots of space.

You have the tendency to let your impatience get the better of you, but when it comes to the important stuff, you need to simply slow your roll.

The Aquarius Woman: January 20 – February 18

Let this coming year be about work — whatever work you know deep down you want and need to do. Approach it slowly and steadily; resist the urge to rush yourself. That really is the pace that wins the race. Be sure to prepare for a roadblock in your hard work in the spring, beginning around late March and going into mid-April of , as this will be when Mercury is in retrograde in your sign.

While it's a time that affects everyone, it'll likely impact you a bit more, so ease up on any practical ventures at that time. As much as Mercury retrograde likes to wreak havoc on all our lives, think of that period as a nice time to reflect, plan ahead, and go easy.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Maybe you've had a dreamy vision for your life, Taurus, one that seems too big or too good to bring into reality. Because of that, you might have a habit of shutting yourself off to new possibilities.

Trust me, you stubborn bull, you really can achieve anything you put your mind to, once you accept and have faith in the fact that it's actually possible. So tell your doubt to take a damn seat for once. Make a freakin' vision board, or simply share with a trusted friend some of your goals, so you can actually visualize what you want or hear yourself say it all out loud.

This year is about opening your heart, working hard, and accepting that your life is worth living the way you have always dreamed of living it. Look forward to the new moon on May 15, which will be a particularly ideal time for growth and rebirth. Leo, sometimes you feel like you've been working as hard as you possibly can for as long as you can even remember.

Here’s what I learned about what the universe has in store for your sign, below.

Unfortunately, that probably won't let up too much while Saturn is ruling the sky for the next couple years. The seeds you plant in those ten days will have the power to change your next 12 months, until the next new moon has time to come back to your fifth house of love. What happens now can last longer, too—even forever. If you are attached and hope to have a baby, June could be the month that you or your partner conceives a child. Many women have problems with conception, and judging by my mail and notes to me on Twitter and Instagram both AstrologyZone this concern has become a small epidemic.

If you make your first appointment with a fertility doctor this month or schedule your procedure this month, you have a far better than usual chance of success.

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Jupiter is in your eleventh house of friendship the same house ruling your hopes and wishes and is seeing to it that many new people pour into your life. They will be mainly jovial, sophisticated, well-traveled, and successful types who will urge you to go after your greatest dreams and to live your life with passion. Printed on archival quality paper.

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