Unaspected planets in astrology

Unaspected Venus

Planets, on the other hand, physical bodies that radiate light—they have orbs; the planets most definitely have spheres of influence that extend around them. In order to determine if two planets are in aspect, one would look at the moiety of each planet the half-orb and add the two moieties together.

unaspected planets astrology

Now, is a square between Venus and Jupiter with an 8 degree orb less significant than one with a 2 degree orb? Of course it is. The more exact the angle, the more important and significant the aspect. But even with an 8 degree orb, Venus would still be in aspect to Jupiter. Observing no major aspects will understandably happen when the astrologer is quickly surveying the wheel for obvious degree aspects instead of examining the aspectarian with properly set orbs inclusive, but not stretched orbs.

This notion has been way overfed, more than any other reason, because astrologers have left Declinations out of the practice of astrology. Poor use of the aspectarian is another reason.

Unaspected Planets and Aspect Modification

Declinations have been left out of schools, courses, texts. It is as if all of mainstream astrology practice insists that the sky is flat and the planets circulate around the Sun on an east-west flat plane with no variation north or south of the celestial equator. This despite the fact anyone can go outside a few nights in a row and see the Moon shows us that this is simply delusional. Soul Stars Astrology. Skip to content. The emphasis is mine: The Moon … When unaspected, if the rest of the chart confirms this , it can lead to tremendous wordly achievements. II p 68 So they did not teach it as a stand-alone interpretive factor.

The Answers to mysteriously strengthened planets are usually found in the Declinations and in orbs assumed for major aspects. Like this: Like Loading Kannon means Kwan Yin, Goddess of compassion and healer. So I approach my work with that ideal in mind.

I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science.

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Other astrologers, such as Dane Rudhyar and Alexander Ruperti, explain that unaspected planets bring about more freedom to the people having them in their . Unaspected planets in your birth chart are like wild, untamed animals within your psyche. They can “run away with your horoscope,” becoming.

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Unaspected Mars in the Natal Chart

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This is a Mars that generally cannot be held back and thus the individual will tend to be a go-getter, very active, competitive, sporting in nature and often very brave. This is a person who will never let the grass grow beneath his or her feet indeed the motivation to be active may be almost compulsive at times. This manner in which Mars will act depends very much on the sign that it sits in. For example, they may explode like a volcano if Mars is in Aries, be cuttingly critical if Mars is in Virgo or be incredibly brutal and or manipulative if Mars sits in Scorpio etc etc.

These people are often react very exuberantly to situations and their joy can be unbridled and infectious but this is a trait will not be one that is permanent; those affected by Jupiter can experience both wonderful highs and depressive lows.

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Their need for more and more of anything or everything without understanding quite why will be a very noticeable part of their character, and may lead to all kinds of problems be it financial in spending or wanting too much, or it can be a route through to all kinds of addictions and other excesses. This position can be very idealistic and yet rather disconnected from most common belief systems, and the individual may go on a personal quest to work out what they believe to be true.

The philosophical traits here can be quite amazing as this person will not succumb to outside influences and suggestions, and the eventual conclusions that they do come to in the fullness of time may turn out to be deeply profound. Saturn working alone on a natal chart tends to act in a more pure and unaffected manner.

Unaspected Planets

The practical, responsible side of Saturn will be very noticeable in anyone having it unaspected although this may be limited to only the certain areas of life that Saturn actually affects in the natal chart. Here Saturn may exert exceptional control over the character and normally those with it isolated will not be distracted by outside forces in their ambition and desire to succeed, however they may exude a reticence to take on new ideas or a difficulty to adapt to new circumstances.

My name is Paul Saunders - Welcome to my fascinating world of Astrology.

I found his readings on the improper manifestation of the most aspected planet s MAP to be incredibly insightful and useful in understanding ones habitual patterns that we continually fall prey to because it represents the most superficial aspects of ego consciousness. Germaine Greer, feminist philosopher and writer: Jupiter! Putting this all together, I think that unaspected planets cause us to over-emphasise the nature of them without us realising it. Here is a summary of the findings, quoting from Dean's summary: SUN unaspected "Effects were among the least outwardly apparent of any planet. They seems very much in the centre of things, socially, and yet very much alone…searching for answers to questions that they feel they cannot address to the rest of the family. Pluto is seeking challenges and influence by using force and authority or values money. This then is a much more muted Uranus, although every so often the truly independent, brilliant and original side of Uranus will show itself with the person wanting to do their own thing in their own inimitable manner and style.

It is possible in the more difficult moments in life that this individual will be quite inhibited and melancholy, and yet at other times there will be an openness and a need to experiment. Uranus as an unaspected planet brings a quite interesting response in the subject in so much as it is quite understated. One would think that this unique and revolutionary position would find someone who stands out as being completely different to the rest of society, however this influence will be seen by the individual as the norm and so they will not try to accentuate their differences to others as much as someone with a heavily aspected Uranus might do.

This then is a much more muted Uranus, although every so often the truly independent, brilliant and original side of Uranus will show itself with the person wanting to do their own thing in their own inimitable manner and style. It is true that we do update ourselves through the movements of and transits to Uranus as it shakes things up, and because there are going to be less contacts to Uranus from the transiting planets, this individual may make slower progress in life than others because those moments of disruptive change will come fewer and father between.

However when change does come in their lives it will be dramatic and incredibly fast. It is my opinion that when it happens for this person it will arrive much, much more violently and more radically than for those who have Uranus plugged into the rest of the chart. This therefore may be a person who is less likely to be duped and will have a much more structured and materialistic side to their character. I suspect that their view of what they think is ideal and perfect will not be skewed or corrupted by other influences, or by other people either.

Neptune is also the planets associated with the qualities of imagination, inspiration and intuition and these will be much more pure and untouched than with those people who have Neptune well aspected into their charts. This is a person who will have beautiful visions in their mind, and if the rest of their chart shows organisational traits, then they will also have the structure or ability to turn these wonderful insights into some kind of concrete form.

With someone with an unaspected Pluto though, yes they may seem rather intense, but they will be much more subtle in the manner that they wield their Pluto side. These people can attain great heights without rocking the boat too much.

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Every so often though, the individual will exert a hugely intense desire or obsessional tendencies that are completely at odds with their normal behaviour will show themselves. Now of course an unaspected Pluto has less outlets for transformation and regeneration than others will have with their Pluto well connected into their chart, and so when change does come as it inevitably will, the likely anxiety associated with placement this will be far greater than normal.

As with those with an unaspected Uranus, when the time to adapt and change comes, it will come more brutally that most of us will ever face. Those fears of change and mortality will arrive to face them head on, as if it is a fight to the death. These subjects intrinsically know this from past experience, and they will quickly prepare for an internal battle with themselves.