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Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

It would be wise to be especially clear when it comes to communicating with romantic partners, and children; or take this time to re-examine issues rather than communicating about them prematurely. Until March 30th: Mars continues to move through your solar seventh house. During this period, strife is possible in your close personal relationships, as a significant other is now mirroring some of your own issues with assertiveness and anger.

Attracting aggression in others during this cycle is a clue that there are unresolved issues within that need tending. You might actually seek some form of conflict, whether intentionally or not, in order to deal with these issues. There can be competitiveness in your life now. Any troublesome issues that have been dormant in a relationship are likely to surface, and can now be handled straightforwardly.


From March 31st forward: Mars energizes your solar eighth house now. Sexuality and intimacy are stimulated under this transit. Negative expression of this energy is the tendency towards ego conflicts concerning jointly held property or money. Conflicts with partners over values or possessions are possible.

Occasionally, this transit could bring a crisis or ending of some kind. Something you hear about now might disturb or touch you deeply. You are likely to be more strategic in your actions during this period, as you become aware of the subtleties of human interaction. This is a time when your best course of action is to recognize that you need, or rely on, others for support.

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Try Cafe Astrology's in-depth romantic compatibility reports , including the Synastry and Love Ties reports. See also Scorpio Preview Horoscope. All month: The Sun illuminates your solar fifth house now. After a period of "nesting", you are coming out of your shell, ready to perform and to express yourself creatively. This is a very playful period of the year, when you are inspired creatively and emotionally. After a period of self-protectiveness, you are now more spontaneous and more willing to take risks. You take more pride than usual in your creations, your love affairs, your children, and your hobbies.

Pleasure and amusement play an important role in your search for freedom of self-expression now. Show off your best colors! You want others to take notice, and you are more sensitive to whether people appreciate you. More than any time of the year, this is the cycle in which you focus on having fun, enjoying romance, and expressing yourself creatively. Your hobbies, leisure time, moments spent with children, gaming time, and so forth, all come into focus at this time of year. This is a cycle in which you find joy in expressing who you are--when your "inner child" comes out to play.

This is a time when you are more flirtatious than usual, and when you might take a few risks in life--not only gambling with games but with life itself. You might be a bit of a showman at this time. You are likely feeling good in general, and you tend to spread the joy. Until March 9th: Venus plays in your solar third house now, indicating a more light-hearted, curious, and intellectual approach to love and pleasure, as well as a more easygoing communicative style.

From March 10th forward: Venus warms your solar fourth house now. All month: Mars energizes and animates your solar seventh house. Partnerships may suffer from ego conflicts, or opposition from others may be challenging. Use the extra energy that Mars brings to this sector of your chart to work cooperatively on relationship problems. You may even find that you seem to need someone's help in order to do what you want to do during this cycle.

December 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Scorpio

Month of Dec There is a complexity and seriousness to your thinking during the Mercury-Pluto sextile on December 2. Your probing nature makes you​. Welcome to March, Scorpio. A month where you will find that life picks up speed for the better, preparing you for April, which will most likely also be a.

Relationships are vivacious and dynamic during this period. When a difference arises, you are quick to settle it, and have little patience for sweeping matters under the rug. Your close personal relationships are lively during this cycle--full of conflicts and resolutions or reconciliations. Until March 10th: The Sun continues to put a spotlight on your solar fourth house.

Decan 1 Scorpio Horoscope December 12222

Scorpio Weekly Forecast Report. You will be successful in expanding business. Seniors will be happy with your performance. Angel Cards, Angel In profession you will be highly focused and dedicated, work efficiency will increase and hard work will be appreciated with proper rewards.

This is a period of recharge, of getting in touch with your innermost feelings, of connecting with your roots, and of spending more time and energy on home and family. Home and family matters capture your attention and are a strong source of pride now.

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It's a time when worldly matters are not as important to you. Use this energy to find ways to improve your family relations and your home environment. During this heart-warming cycle, you would do best to allow yourself to explore your inner needs so that you can nurture yourself and others in a healthy, growth-oriented manner, in preparation for more outgoing times to come.

Scorpio March 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

From March 11th forward: The Sun illuminates your solar fifth house now. Until March 18th: Venus plays in your solar third house now, indicating a more light-hearted, curious, and intellectual approach to love and pleasure, as well as a more easygoing communicative style. From March 19th forward: Venus warms your solar fourth house now.

Occurring in your solar fourth and fifth houses this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to family relations, romance, children, and creativity.

What March's Scorpio Horoscope Means for You

Be as non- judgmental as you can with family members. New initiatives surrounding home and property are best left for a better time. Re-thinking your romantic relationships or creative projects is possible now, but you should avoid jumping to any premature decisions. There may also be the need to revisit old, nagging issues with family members, or there could be some communication problems with them.

Family members may be on edge. Try to hold off on household repairs if you can. Put off decision-making with regards to home improvement, moving, and family matters for the time being. It would be wise to be especially clear when it comes to communicating with friends, groups, intimate partners, family members, romantic partners, and children, or take this time to re-examine issues rather than communicating about them prematurely. Until March 15th: Mars continues to animate and energize your solar sixth house. Use this time to trust your intuition and tap into your happiest memories.

You will experience an urge to break free from relationship patterns that no longer serve a purpose in your life. The planet of rebellion, Uranus, changes signs for the first time in seven years on March 6 , the same day it enters Taurus, your house of relationships. Uranus is a misfit and an activist and compels us to invent new ways of thinking.

Over the next seven years, you will experience an urge to break free from relationship patterns that no longer serve a purpose in your life, and you may find yourself opting to be single instead of forcing things to work.

Scorpio horoscope March 12222

Pay attention to what feelings spring up for you near the sixth, as it will clue you into what Uranus in Taurus will bring into your love life through After a long romp with your friends, the sun leaves Pisces for Aries on March 20 , compelling you to focus more on work. An evolved Scorpio knows how to go undercover and be a good detective, but is courageous and clear in communication—is this you, dear Scorpio, or are you navigating your career and relationships by pulling strings and dropping hints?

Are you actively learning about your boundaries and expressing yourself, loud and proud? You have some unusual habits, Scorpio. So what if you like strawberry milk in your coffee?

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This is another thing to keep in mind this month: Be yourself! Venus enters Aquarius, the sign of standing in your own unique you-ness, on March 1. On a practical level, Venus in Aquarius is a brilliant time to upgrade your space and beautify your home. Emotionally, Venus in Aquarius finds you especially appreciative of your family blood and chosen.

You want to be accepted and appreciated for who you are, and given the space to do your thing. Mercury retrograde begins in fellow water sign Pisces on March 5—you know the drill: avoid singing contracts, watch out for delays and miscommunications, avoid making important purchases, and expect to run into plenty of past hookups, one-night stands, and friends from your old partying days.